THE EXAMS MADE SIMPLE: You Are Future Civil Servant (IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS/State Civil Servant Officer) That is Why you are Reading This !!

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You Are Future Civil Servant (IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS/State Civil Servant Officer) That is Why you are Reading This !!


Welcome to your most trusted companion – THE EXAMS MADE SIMPLE–  in your journey towards getting a Top Rank in the UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination. Our initiatives will make sure that you are always on right path and under the best guidance available for this exam preparation.

Those Who are Visiting us for the First Time, We will Tell you that here you will get the easiest and the most relevant piece of Information that You will require to Clear this Exam.

Our Initiatives Include : 

--->Daily News Which is Compiled From The Hindu , PIB and From other relevant Sources.

---> UPSC Wikipedia Which has definitions, Acts , Terms , Technicalities Which are very important for this Exam

---> Mains Test Series in Which we give the most important Tips to Write Answers , we also Correct the Scripts and point out the mistakes and Corrections.

---> YOUTUBE VIDEOS Everyday on Current Affairs as well as on almost everything related to UPSC Exam

There are some other initiatives too that you can see in the Tabs Provided Above.

Talking About Exams : They ar neither easy nor tough , It all depends on us. How we prepare for the Exam/Test. It depends upon our dedication and It depends on How badly we want this thing.

RULES OF These Exams are very Simple:

Success is never guaranteed , we have to toil hard to get that. In between we may face failures and rejections but we should never be disheartened by them.

So Don't wait for the Perfect moment Now, Get ready for this great , awesome and interesting Journey. Stop wasting your Time and get ready for the realities.

Always Remember , In this Life you are solely responsible for your success and Failure , so Stop Blaming others and stop expecting from Others.

Start Studying, This Exam is or you only.