Sunday, 22 January 2017

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 23rd January 2017

   1. According to ASER-2016 (Annual Status Education Report) , which state has been  found to have best learning outcomes?
A)     Kerala
B)      Tamil Nadu
C)      Himachal Pradesh
D)     West Bengal

2.      2.  Right now, which country holds the record of maximum no. of satellite launch in a single launch vehicle
A)     USA
B)      Japan
C)      India
D)     Russia

3.      3.  World’s longest human chain was formed in Bihar :
A)     Against atrocities on Girls & Women
B)      Against Alcoholism & liquor
C)      To join hands for World Peace
D)     Against child trafficking & child labour

4.     4.   Whose Autobiography is "Ace Against Odds"?
A)     PV Sindhu
B)      Sania Mirza
C)      Saina Nehwal
D)     Carolina Marin

5.     5.   Where is Rekla race held?
A)     Karnataka
B)      Andhra Pradesh
C)      Tamil Nadu

D)     Kerala


ANSWERS of LAST DAYS QUIZ : (i.e 21st January 2017 : 1. Kaveri(A)  2. B  3. B (West Bengal)  4. Christian (C)  5. New Delhi (C)

Daily Current Affairs- The Hindu & PIB combined News Analysis for 22nd January,2017

1)Supporters of Kambala Race want the ban to be lifted after the jallikattu ordinance

  • What is Kambala race?
Traditional form of Buffalo racing practised in Coastal Karnataka.
  • It was banned after jallikattu was banned.
  • Rekla race-bullock race in TN on Pongal.

2) ASSAM RIFLES, the world’s oldest paramilitary force

  • Engaged in counter insurgency and security operations in northeast India, provides support for young tribal men to enrol in the armed forces, mainly the army.
  • Now in news for recruiting Bru tribal evacuees from Mizoram.
  • Bru are residents at Tripura who entered in 1997 following ethnic turmoil in Mizoram.

3) Over 3.5 lakh people sang National Anthem to set Guinness Book World Record in Rajkot,Gujarat

  • On occasion on installation of Goddess Khodiyar idol at Khodal Dham temple
  • Earlier record was set by Bangladesh

4) Rescue of Vaquita in Gulf of california

  • Vaquita is a rare species of porpoise
  • Risks faced by it are illegal fishing and gill nets
  • Porpoise are fully aquatic marine mammals
  • Vaquita smallest among them
  • Gulf of California is on the West coast of N.America .

5) ISRO will set record with launch of 103 satellites in 1 go on a single rocket.

  • PSLV(C37) with these satellites will be launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in A.P.
  • Highest no. launched till now is 37 by Russia in 2014

Essay Writing Challenge :22nd January 2017


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Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Hindu and PIB News Combined NEWS Analysis : Daily Current Affairs : 21st January 2017

1)Health Ministry to launch population based prevention, screening and control programme for five non-communicable diseases .

What are Non Communicable Diseases??:
Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) which are Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) such as heart attacks and stroke, Diabetes, Chronic Respiratory Diseases (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and Asthma) and Cancer inter alia account for over 60% of all mortality in India.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Daily Current affairs quiz 21st January

1. Which of the following is not a Scorpene submarine?
A. Kaveri
B. Kandheri
C. Vela
D. Kalvari

2. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about indelible ink used for elections by ECI?
A. It is solely supplied by MPVL(Mysore Paints & Varnish Limited)
B. Ink is 50% more cost effective than marker pens.
C. MVPL is a PSU founded by former Maharaja of Wadiyar dynasty
D. Ink is being supplied for Lok Sabha, Assembly & Civic polls since 1962

3. Where is Neora Valley National Park located?
A. Uttarakhand
B. West Bengal
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu

4. Canon Laws  relate to which religion?
A. Hinduism
B. Zoroastrianism

5. Graded Action Plan recently in India relates to which State ?
A. Maharashtra
C. New Delhi
D. Karnataka

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