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Hi Friends , Here we will Tell you some of the books which are sacrosanct and must be followed religiously in order to qualify for the UPSC Examination.

1) Prelims + Mains Exams :-

1) The Hindu and PIB NEWS Must be read daily without any fail. If you are missing "THE HINDU" /"PIB NEWS", that means you are not actually Preparing For the Exam.

For PIB : I can Guarantee you no source is better than  THE EXAMS MADE SIMPLE

2)For History :- 1) NCERT : Class 6th - 10th New/old Edition of your Choice.
                           2)NCERT : Class 12th Old Edition is a must.(By Bipan Chandra)

3)Geography :- 1) NCERT :- 6th , 7th , 8th :- Old Edition
                          2) NCERT :-9th, 10th, 11th and 12th (Total 4 Books , 2 for 11th and 2 for 12th)

4)Polity :           1) Only Laxmikant
                          2)NCERT XIth , Subhash Kashyap, Newspaper

5)Economics :- 1) NCERT Macroeconomics
                          2)Economic Survey : V. V. Important  
                          3)Newspaper Reading

6)Science and Technology :- 1) NCERT 6th - 10th
                                               2)Any standard Coaching Notes- Vajiram Rahul Shankar Sirs Note will be good.
                                               3)NEWSPAPER is a must : The Hindu

7) Ecology and Environment :- 1)Shankar IAS Green Book will suffice.
                                                   2) Newspaper Reading is very  important for dynamic Questions.

8) Disaster Management :2nd  ARC 4th Report only

9)Ethics Integrity Aptitude : 1) My Experiments with Truth  by Mahatma Gandhi
                                               2) Any Standard Coaching Notes( Vajiram again is good for static Portion)
                                               3)2nd ARC 10th Report Gist and Intro and conclusion from the original report.
                                              3)Analysis of Newspaper with Ethical Point of view, For Example. the issue of Euthanasia or the Surrogacy issue.
                                              4) Case Studies by Vision IAS or if you can search them online.

We will keep updating it, as and when we feel either we have missed something or if we feel that something new is there that you all must know.

If you have any further doubt on how to proceed with the preparation ,Please Feel Free to Email us at : [email protected]


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